A Smart Bank for Hotels, Car rental agencies, Airlines, Cruises, Experience providers, Online Travel Agencies and their Affiliates.
Make your life easy by accepting payments and disbursing funds intelligently with a bank made specifically for the travel industry. It enables you to focus on sales while we save you time and money on most of your accounting tasks.
Online Travel Agencies
Save big by outsourcing compliance and liability to us
while using our intelligent disbursements features to make
your suppliers happy.
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Travel Suppliers
Enjoy massive cost savings by accepting payments from all 3rd party vendors in one place. Pay downstream partners in-network at no cost.
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One bank for all your payment needs

Discover how TripPay can benefit you

Pay and get paid your way

Send and receive payments when and how you want to with your very own global bank account made for travel.

Reduce bureaucracy

Say goodbye to PCI DSS, PSD2, SCA compliance issues and mandatory government requirements. We've got you covered.


Set disbursement rules at the time the payment is made and watch as funds flow where they need to go by themselves.


Settle recurring payments through smart contracts with our automated templates.

Payment Methods

Accept funds using payment methods you are already used to and ones your customers prefer.


Whether you're an OTA, a hotel, airline, car rental our cruise; choose to pay and get paid from a single place.

Your smart travel bank
Any time, any where

Top 4 reasons to join us today

Save money on international remittance fees and enjoy platform-level volume discounts. Never pay virtual credit card chargebacks.
If you’re a travel supplier, such as a hotel, get paid automatically or when you want to. OTAs no longer hold onto your funds. Withdraw when it makes sense for your business.
Are you tired of sending bills and invoices and nurturing a semi-large department of accountants? Using our AutoPay and SplitPay features, everything is automated. We even integrate with the most popular ERP solutions so your ledger is automatically reconciled.
Many travel partners need local travel licenses or local government escrow deposits to function in travel. Furthermore, you need to be PCI DSS, PSD2, SCA compliant to charge a card. Then you have to pay your suppliers around the globe. It’s costly and time consuming. We remove all those headaches so you can focus on selling and what you do well and we make sure you get paid for your hard work.
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Virtual Bank Account

Travel companies and their beneficiaries get a regional virtual bank account they use to send and receive funds. A hotel in Spain receives money from bookings made by OTAs globally into her travel bank account. Once the booking is complete, the hotel can withdraw the funds or use it to pay others within the travel bank.

For private usage


Paying multiple beneficiaries from a single booking has never been easier. Imagine a booking from an OTA that contains flight / hotel / car rental. Every supplier, including the OTA, get their part of the funds automatically once the booking completes. No wait times. No risk. That's the power of centralizing payments into a single bank for the travel industry.

For private usage


Make the funds sitting in your virtual bank account intelligent. Create rules that automatically send you money to your real bank account at the end of the month or when you reach a certain amount or using other triggers. With AutoPay you can also control payments to other beneficiaries so not only do you get paid automatically; you can pay your bills the same way.

For commercial usage

A Bank for the Travel Industry

We have partnered with the largest international banks to make moving travel-related funds cross-border at the lowest cost a possibility. As a result, you get regulated bank grade-level security combined with fintech-level innovation. Bridge your offline business with a cloud-based bank that gets you paid on time by multiple vendors without the fuss.

For private usage

Lowering the barrier to entry

When you let us take care of the compliancy and regulations needed to sell travel inventory online, on behalf of someone else, a whole new world of possibilities emerge for travel suppliers. Anyone can now sell your inventory for you without any upfront costs. Diversify your risk and look for attractive new sales channels for your business.

For commercial usage


Developers also get access to our APIs for even greater control over their funds and balances. Everything you can do through our web portal you can also do through our APIs. We also offer popular ERP / accounting integrations to all our account holders. We think payments should flow seamlessly through the travel space and reach you with the least amount of hassle.

For private usage

Get a bank account for your travel business

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Payments have always been a headache in the travel industry… until now! Allow our services to make that part of your business enjoyable again.

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